Caregiver with disabled family memberThe management of the professional services we provide is very integral and important to the care of clients, caregivers and our community. Our excellence of service commitment is an organizational approach to the care management of our clients, caregivers and the community.

Understanding who we serve, training and continued education of our care team, technologies used, and informational services provided to the clients and their families are the foundation of our care management philosophy. The importance of each is equal and we strive to provide the assistance that goes above and beyond the minimum required and excel to provide the best quality care and service possible. Integrating state of the art technologies to assist in the management of the care provided is important but it is the people who make a difference in the quality of care provided.

In the management of caregiving we take a holistic approach, meaning the care is person-centered and that every aspect of the services provided is examined and refined to the individual and their family. We periodically survey our clients and their families to provide feedback to management and the caregivers ensuring we are providing the best care possible.

A good example of care management is meal planning for the client. It is not just cooking the meal, it takes planning. We ask questions like; do you have any dietary requirements we need to be aware of? What times of the day do you prefer your meals? You like to eat at the dining table or elsewhere? Anything special we can cook for you? Do you prefer we assist you in the preparation and cooking or would you like us to do it for you? Do you have a special brand of groceries or store you prefer? Do you take medications before, during or after eating (so we can remind the client)?

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Some examples of resources and technology we provide for the care management:


Family Room

Employee Screening


Home Safety Assesment

Meal Planning






Tools and Technology

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