Planning and preparing a fresh meal everyday can be one of the most time consuming and frustrating activities in our daily lives for many reasons and the cleanup is usually not a pleasant chore. Serving a meal is just not just the cooking, it is a planned event whether it just for you or a family, and takes time and planning to make it a success.

Serving a timely, fresh and nutritious meal that taste great is everyone’s desire. Companion and Homemaker services can make that happen for you without you having to use those so-called ‘fresh’ delivered meals ordered online that sit outside waiting for you to get home.

Planning the menu

Providing ideas and recipe resources to plan the menu for the week or a day. Like seafood, vegetarian, Italian, French dishes Etc. Something different everyday…

Grocery Shopping

After you select the menu the shopping can be done with you or for you at the market place of your choice.

Preparing and cooking the food

Prep the meal and cook with you or for you.


We perform the cleanup, so you can relax. Unless you really want to do it yourself 😉

Balancing home, work and leisure activities can make life hectic and stressful and many people find that hiring us is the smartest decision they’ve ever made. Many people may still assume that hiring an assistant is for the super-rich or the celebrity lifestyle, but this is certainly not the case. An excellent Homemaker and Companion could be the one single individual who transforms your life.

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