Personal Care

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Personal Care also known as “hands-on” care because caregivers physically touch the client/patient. These caregivers (CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant or a HHA – Home Health Aide) help clients get in and out of bed, bathe, dress, groom, and eat. They also check vital signs, help with simple prescribed exercises, and assist with medication routines. Occasionally they change non-sterile dressings, use special equipment such as hydraulic lifts, give massages and alcohol rubs, or assist with braces and artificial limbs. Some accompany clients outside the home. They keep records of services performed and of each client’s condition and progress. They report changes in the client’s condition to the registered nurse supervisor. A CNA/HHA may perform any of the homemaker/companion services. CNA’s/HHA’s assist with:

Skin Care
Medication Reminders
Turning and Positioning
Feeding the Client
Transferring the Client
Walking Assistance
Toileting – Elimination
Range of Motion Exercises
Assistance with Hearing Aides
Assistance with Dentures


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A companion is a person who cares for an elderly, handicapped, or convalescent individual or couple and can accompany them on trips, outings, and appointments, as well as prepare and serve meals. Companions are available for hourly, shift, or live-in care. Following are some of the possible services of a companion.

Companionship & Conversation
Sort and/or Read Mail
Arrange Appointments
Assist with Walking
Letter Writing and Correspondence
Meal Planning
Meal Preparation
Assist with Entertainment
Answer the Phone
Answer the Door
Basic Grooming
Apparel Selection Assistance
Care of House Plants
Appointment Reminders
Discuss Current & Historical Events
Assist in Decision Making
Participate in Crafts
Play Games/Cards
Sewing Assistance
Monitor Diet and Eating Habits
Organize Recipes
Prepare Grocery List
Supervise Home Maintenance
Oversee Home Deliveries
Coordinate Lawn Care
Clip Coupons for Shopping
Weather Awareness
Light Exercise Assistance
Review Phone Messages
Assist with Pet Care
Monitor Food Freshness/Expiration
Mail Bills & Letters
Buy Newspapers, Magazines, Books
Rent & Play DVD Movies
Plan Visits, Outings & Trips
Visit Neighbors, Friends, Family
Reading & Discussion
Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
Maintain Client Calendar
Maintain Family Scrapbook
Record Family History
Medication Reminders


A homemaker is a person who performs household chores that include housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, shopping assistance, and routine household activities for the elderly, handicapped, or convalescent individual or couple as well as the services performed by a companion. Homemakers are available for hourly, shift-work, or live-in care. Following are some of the possible services of a homemaker:

Light Housekeeping
Iron Clothes
Wash Dishes
Take Out Garbage
Change Linens
Drop off/Pick Up Dry Cleaning
Pick Up Prescriptions
Dust & Polish Furnishings
Organize/Clean Closets & Pantries
Clean Kitchen Cupboards
Clean Refrigerator
Clean Oven
Meal Preparation
General Shopping
Grocery Shopping
Preparation of Future Meals
Escort to Lunch & Dinner
Incidental Transportation
Attend Lectures, Plays, Concerts
Attend Club Meetings
Attend Sporting Events
Airline Departure & Arrival Assistance
All Activities of a Companion


Live-in service is 24-hour care that can be provided by a companion/homemaker, HHA, or CNA. The caregiver can provide care according to the guidelines of his or her licensure as well as companion/homemaker services. A live-in caregiver is a caregiver that lives-in with the client 24 hours a day so that clients are not left alone. These caregivers must be able to have appropriate rest time (for client’s that need 24-hour attention or are up a lot during the night needing assistance, we refer hourly caregivers for shift-work care).


Service - Shopping & ErrandsOften, we get a request concerning an occasional need like transportation to a doctors or medical appointment. Maybe you’ve got a good handle on caring for your loved one but every now and then a work schedule gets in the way of a scheduled hair appointment or a trip to the specialist’s office. For those individuals not requiring any consistently scheduled care we most certainly can work on an as needed basis! Consider K&H In-Home Care and Assistance as your back-up plan for those times when you might be stretching yourself just a little too thin. It’s simple and quick to set up and provides peace of mind to have that helping hand on the occasions that you may require it. Especially if you’re out of state caring for your parent or loved one and just need the peace of mind that when necessary an experienced, qualified caregiver is there to lend that helping hand. Transportation Assistance provided to:

Doctor’s/Medical Appointments
Personal Appointments such as hair dresser, salon services, barber shop etc.
Errands such as grocery shopping, dry cleaners, drug store, the mall etc.
Assistance to a pet’s appointment like the vet or groomers.
Social outings like card games, dining out with friends and/or church.
And much more…

Returning Home

One of the programs K&H In-Home Care and Assistance provides is to those who are returning home from a vacation or facility after a brief and/or extended stay. Whether it be due to an illness or an injury, individuals often find that their needs and abilities change while they’re away from home. Our caregivers can assist the individual returning home by:

Making sure the home is safe and ready to receive the client by decluttering walk-ways
Cleaning out the fridge and making sure there is edible food that meets any diet restrictions that may have been put in place while in the hospital if necessary
Transporting the client back to their home and making them comfortable
Staying with the client for the first 24-48 hours to make sure the client is safe and acclimating well now that they are returned to their home environment
Running any errands such as grocery shopping, filling and picking up prescriptions etc.
Office staff will follow up with the client’s progress at home and communicate updates back to physicians and discharge planners as needed..

Respite Care

Respite Care services are vitally important to a family member who is the primary caregiver for a loved one. Everyone needs a break now and then, and you can count on K&H In-home Care and Assistance to take care of your loved one while you go on vacation or need to travel for business, etc. Any of the services can be provided for a day, a week or whatever time frame is necessary.

Care Locations

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We understand the need for personal care extends beyond the home, so we offer care in other locations.

Nursing Home
Rehabilitation Centers
Independent Living Facilities
Assistant Living Facilities
Retirement Communities