Our services are Person-Centered i.e. personalized to you and your needs. You don’t have be sick or temporally incapacitated to utilize our services, these services are for any active adult who is needing a helping hand whether it is because of an illness or assistance because your life activities require the need for the assistance in maintaining your home, family life, lifestyle, and time.

These services are to meet the needs of the active adult who is seeking a means to free up their time, day or night, so they can have that time to relax and enjoy their leisure time without the worries and stresses of everyday life’s burdens.

We don’t aid in the business realm but is specific to your domestic life. A Personal Domestic Assistant (PDA) can aid in many ways to free up your time and provide the comfort in knowing you have a personal assistant to make sure the tasks of your daily life are being cared for. Your PDA will assist in the management of your home and time; cleaning, laundry, run errands, provide transportation, and a sympathetic ear to listen.

Balancing home, work and leisure activities can make life hectic and stressful and many people find that hiring a PDA is the smartest decision they’ve ever made. Many people may still assume that hiring a PDA is for the super-rich or the celebrity lifestyle, but this is certainly not the case. An excellent PDA could be the one single individual who transforms your life.

One of the biggest request we receive is help in meal planning. We understand the planning and preparing a fresh meal everyday can be one of the most time consuming and frustrating Service - Meal Planningactivities in our daily lives and the cleanup is usually not a pleasant chore. Serving a meal is just not just the cooking, it is a planned event whether it just for you or a family and takes time and planning to make it a success.

Serving a timely, fresh and nutritious meal that taste great is everyone’s desire. Our PDA services can make that happen for you without you having to use those so-called ‘fresh’ delivered meals ordered online that sit outside waiting for you to get home.

Somethings your PDA can assist with:

  • Scheduling of household maintenance & wait around for them (arrival to completion)
  • Feeding and exercising pets, sitting
  • Light housekeeping and various projects
  • Maintaining calendar
  • Household and organizational projects
  • Keeping refrigerator clean and discarding out-of-date items
  • Arranging dry-cleaning
  • Watering household plants
  • Shipping and picking packages
  • Housesitting and Check-ups
  • Help plan travel and make arrangements
  • Arranging for vehicle maintenance or other services
  • Help plan and prepare for holidays
  • Run errands or make deliveries
  • Plan and arrange social activities

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