EoS helps to improve your chronic care management (CCM) and provide for remote patient monitoring (RPM) that is Medicare approved for reimbursement. EoS, which is an acronym for ‘excellence of service’ and pronounced E-ōs, provides for a higher quality of care for individuals and families. EoS is a virtual home health aide that creates a secure health and wellness network for family, caregivers, home health agencies and clinicians. Contact Us to schedule demo

Top 5 Value Propositions for Patients

Passive Empowerment – the platform works as a digital home nurse, proactively reminding the patient to perform daily care plan activities. These reminders can be based on specific events, scheduled times or a combination of the two
Suite of Wireless Biometric Diagnostic Devices – “No hassle” design for patient, simply test and devices automatically upload the test results. No action required on behalf of the patient
Real-Time Documented Tier One Support – provide custom preapproved automated messages real time to your patients, based on adverse outcomes or lack of adherence to care plan activities
Patient Engagement – Every patient is just as unique as the preferred method of engagement. EoS provides user interface across all technologies allowing the patient to communicate and interact with the interface(s) they feel most comfortable

Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy – Provide better Care and Get Reimbursed a minimum $127/patient/month.

We make it easy to deploy Remote Patient Monitoring programs that meet Medicare’s requirements through Software as a Service (SaaS), wireless equipment and free consulting with our team of experts.

Why You Should Consider Starting A Remote Patient Monitoring Program

CMS approved new CPT codes for Remote Patient Monitoring that became active in 2019. Average primary care physicians can generate up to $200,000 additional revenue per year when making proper use of these codes while also providing better preventative care for their patients.

CPT Codes

CPT Code: CCM – 99490
CPT Code: RPM – 99453
CPT Code: RPM – 99454
CPT Code: RPM – 99457


Reduce readmission
Reduce health care cost
Increase revenue
Improve quality of care
Bring House Calls back through technology
Patient Education

What it Does

Reading and recording of vital signs
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM)
Communication Platform with team integration
Data Analytics
Observation, reporting and documentation of patient or client status and the care or services provided
Patient Coaching