EoS, which is an acronym for ‘excellence of service’ and pronounced E-ōs, provides for a higher quality of care for individuals and families. EoS is a virtual home health aide that creates a secure health and wellness network for family, caregivers, home health agencies and clinicians. The added benefits of EoS are that it keeps independence at home realistic for the one being cared for and reduces long term health care cost. EoS is a solution to help with the care of your loved one and also allows family participation in virtual visits and see/hear/learn firsthand how your loved one is progressing. EoS is on duty 24/7 and is available at a reasonable cost – monthly subscription. Contact Us to learn more

Health and Wellness Management
Remote Monitoring and Tracking
Vital Sign Reading and Recording
Health and Wellness Reminders
Health and Wellness Wireless Devices
Customizable Health and Wellness Alerts

Health and Wellness Wireless Devices

Glucose Monitors (testing scripts available)
Blood Pressure Monitors
Weight Scales
Pulse Oximeters
Activity Trackers

Customizable Health and Wellness Expectations and Alerts


Vital Sign Reading Scheduling
Vital Sign Reading Parameters
Wellness Check-Ins
Medication Reminders
Events, to-dos, and more!