text thank you veterans in a chalkboard and the flag of the USWhether you served in the military or as a Community responder, we believe providing in-home caregiving and care management is an important duty to our first responder population.

You served us, our nation, and our communities, now it’s our privilege to serve them in their time of need.

We honor and cherish your life experiences and knowledge, and believe as a community, we can learn from our men and women of service. All it takes is to actively listen and learn.   

Our caregivers assist with activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental activities of daily living (IADL); the activities often performed by a person who is living independently during a normal day, such as managing money, shopping, telephone use, travel, housekeeping, preparing meals, and taking medications correctly.  

Our caregivers are also a companion to our veterans, by accompanying them and providing companionship in their time of need, it provides a service that is both healing and beneficial.  

We can even provide homemaking services for the management of your homes. Having an organized environment is important to the veteran’s comfort. Having a jumbled space can be frustrating and unsafe, our caregivers assist in taking that worry away. 

Thank you to our first responder heroesAs caregivers, we are there to listen, share experiences, play card games and other activities. We can run errands with you or for you, perform light housekeeping chores, provide transportation, walk your pet. We can even help you connect with friends and family through Skype, Facebook, or any other favorite social media. 

Enabling our parents and loved ones to live in their home, stay active, cope with the changes in their life, maintain their home and lifestyle is what we do and is important to their health and well-being. Being a caregiver means being a companion and a homemaker, and provides a valuable service to you and your family.

We as caregivers are professionally trained to provide these skilled services. We have the compassion, heart, and skills to serve in your times of need.

Planning and Funding Care

The cost of long-term care varies as much as the types of care available and the degree of assistance you or a loved one need. In-home care is generally far less expensive, but costs vary greatly, depending on where you live, the level of care and hours of service required each week. Learn More

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