Dear K&H Family:  my apologies for taking so long after my mom’s death to get this letter of appreciation and recommendation to you.  I wanted you to know that from the first day I signed up with your company to provide daily in-home hands on care for my mom I had peace of mind that she was in good hands;  ( I did NOT have that same peace of mind with her previous daily care givers (who will remain nameless) ).

During the time my mother was under your daily care while I was at work I never worried that she was being cared for properly; at the time you first began caring for her she was able to communicate very well and she told me that you took good care of her (she actually said that sometimes you “hovered too much”) LOL – as you know, my mom was NOT the easiest person to get along with.  You kept in touch we me during the day so I was apprised of what was going on at all times, you watched out for and reported to me all visit results and conversations from other care givers (ie…physical and occupational therapists as well as visiting physicans’ group and other medical providers) that visited my home to provide services for my mom. Several times you provided assistance to me in moving my mom as she was a very large woman, around in the bed after hours, on your own time and you most certainly did not have to do that.  You all told me when we originally signed up with your company that quality care was very important to you and you proved that to be true.  I have always believed that actions speak way louder than words and on more than one occasion you also proved that to be true. 

During the time my mom was under your care she was hospitalized occasions, you went to the hospital daily and sat with her and you continued to be my mom’s advocate; you spoke up for her when you felt she wasn’t be cared for or listened to by hospital staff and you reported same to me.  Again, you provided me great peace of mind knowing my mom was being cared for when I could not be there to care for her myself.  And last but not least, you kept the same caregiver, day after day looking after my mom and this too was invaluable for many reasons, ( this was NOT the case with the previous care giver company, they could not seem to keep the same caregiver with mom on a daily basis with any regularity even though they said they would when we first signed up for their services ).

You give “In Home Care” a good name, when so many other companies in the home care business do NOT. You proved to my mom and me that you take your responsibilities seriously and that you have a heart and you really do care for and have empathy for the patient and their primary caregiver. 

You sat in with me during the meeting with the doctor and nurses when we discussed putting my mom in hospice care so I’d have an extra set of eyes and ears (which also proved invaluable) and you held me when I cried knowing my mom was coming quickly the end of her time here on earth. You even came to my mom’s funeral.

I have recommended your company to others and I have felt no hesitation in doing so.  I am sorry for the circumstances that caused our paths to cross but I am so glad God brought you all into my mom and my lives for you were truly a blessing from start to finish.

May God bless you and prosper you, your families and your company.